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Booklet on career opportunities offered within the aviation sector


The aviation industry provides hundreds of different job tracks one could follow. Whether one prefers a ground-based position or something in the air, working with the public or in an office, the aviation sector offers numerous career paths and opportunities from airline jobs and pilot careers to jobs at airports and with ground support operations. […]

4th edition of CATER newsletter has been published


The CATER consortium has published the four edition of the newsletter. In this number, information about the results of the CATER workshop in Lisbon (Portugal) has been detailed, as well as the progress of the project in the last months. In addition, some interesting news about SRIA development and other Time Efficiency projects are available. […]

Workshop on “Support Actions for Coordinating Research in the Field of Aeronautics and Air Transport”


To realize the new European vision beyond 2020 for the horizon towards 2050, i.e. meet the societal and market needs, maintain and extend the industrial leadership, protect the environment and the energy supply, ensure safety and security, Europe has engaged in large scale, intensive and coordinated Research and Innovation. CAPPADOCIA, CATER, FORUM-AE and OPTICS, all respond to the 6th EC call […]

CATER Annual Workshop 2016


The CATER team has successfully organized and held its annual 2016 Workshop in the frame of the 6th International EASN Conference, which this year took place at the Crowne Plaza of Porto, Portugal, co-organised with the Institute of Science and Innovation in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (INEGI) of the University of Porto (FEUP). The EASN […]

CATER 2017 Progress Meeting, in Rome


Having completed three full years of operation, CATER is speeding up towards the final results! Aiming at increasing the dedicated knowledge-base of R&D in the Time Efficiency field; improving and testing its developed ICT platform and tools for research retrieval, storage and qualified analysis; involving stakeholders to assess Gaps and Recommendations for the future; as […]

2nd edition of CATER newsletter is available


Today, the CATER consortium has published the second edition of the newsletter. In this number, you will find information about the progress of the project and the results achieved so far. In addition, some interesting news around Time Efficiency are available. Please have a look of CATER newsletter by clicking here

CASK: a Community Area to Look for Relevant Information on Air Transport Time Efficiency


CASK is a search and knowledge management environment, developed within the CATER project, that gives access to a community area for the purpose of searching for relevant information on Air transport Time Efficiency. The platform currently comprises: 9 million European patents, more than 18 million scientific papers, public funding opportunities and publicly funded research projects […]

Highlight on SESAR WP-E Research Projects


The aim of SESAR is to develop and implement the concepts and technologies required to prepare air traffic management in Europe for the future. Work Package E (WP-E) long-term research and innovation was needed to build an industry with strong bases of knowledge, research and innovation that would be the key to growth, jobs and […]

CATER was present at the ACARE WG1 last 17/03/2016


Finmeccanica and ONERA attended the last meeting of ACARE WG1 on 17/03/2016, providing an update on the progress of the project since the start of 2016 and an overview of results. The meeting was an opportunity to highlight the documents which are currently available for ACARE WG1 members as well as the availability of the […]

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